Garden wildlife

Garden wildlife

24th August, 2012:  The hedgehog in our garden! 

Garden wildlife The Natural Fibre CompanyGarden wildlife The Natural Fibre Company

Wow, we were just minding our own business one evening at dusk when someone came to visit and root around in the area full of worms and stuff where the birds drop all their seed from the bird feeders.  It’s nice to know that there are still some mobile hedgehogs – even the flat ones we see on the road seem much less numerous nowadays.   Long life to him!

The cats don’t seem bothered by him, which suggests they are used to him … which is good as well.  I suspect that hedgehog is not on the cat prey list anyway. 

A curious story, which for some reason I always remember, came from a book I read as a child, called Romany and Raq, about a gypsy and his dog and how they lived (probably highly romanticised).  They caught hedgehogs to eat and wrapped them in clay, baking them in the embers of a fire, so when the clay was cracked all the prickles came off too – I have to say there would be very little meat on your average hedgehog though …  I have just looked him up and discover he was George Bramwell Evans, who became a BBC presenter for Chidren’s Hour.  The books were published in 1929 and 1930 and there is a Romany Society today to presever his memory, while his vardo (caravan) is preserved in Wilmslow.