The Colours of Summer: variations on a theme

The Colours of Summer: variations on a theme

Our popular Polzeath Cardigan is worked in a combination of 4-ply Lyonesse wool-linen blended yarn and St. Kilda laceweight yarn.  The original for our photoshoot was worked in Onyx Lyonesse with the pale natural St. Kilda.  We saw a lovely version of Polzeath at Wonderwool, worked in Lyonesse Aquamarine with the pale natural shade of St. Kilda.  You can also make a really rich dark version using Onyx or Haematite Lyonesse, or possibly Serpentine, with the dark natural St. Kilda, or equally extend the contrast and use a warmer, softer peachy Tourmaline, or the Amethyst or Moonstone with the dark St. Kilda.

We have a lovely limited edition range of hand dyed St Kilda from The Knitting Goddess and the soft summery pastels in our updated Lyonesse shades, which tone wonderfully together! 

This provides great opportunities to be innovative about colour – allowing you to combine your favourite colours, or maybe something completely different for a change! So, to provide a little inspiration for summery Polzeath variations, here are some swatch ideas:
These are Aquamarine Lyonesse with Levenish Tint St Kilda
… and these are Red Beryl Lyonesse with Mol Shoay Tint St. Kilda and Serpentine Lyonesse with Stac an Armin Tint St. Kilda.

For a softer option, why not try Moonstone Lyonesse with Conachair Tint St. Kilda?

The Green shades also work rather well: for instance Emerald with Mullach Mor tint perhaps?

The natural variations of the hand-dyed shades along the length of the yarn give an additional soft colour shift as you work through the design.

However, you can also go to town, although you will need to do a little counting to ensure you use all the colours equally, by using two shades of Lyonesse as well as two shades of St. Kilda and alternating both the rows in which you work the yarnovers and the rows of plain stocking stitch.  To achieve the final swatch, we used a blue/gold blend, with both Peridot and Lapis Lyonesse and also both Clesgor Tint and Glenbay Tint of St. Kilda.  Enjoy!